The Script

The Script is my favorite band of all time. I absolutely love them. Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, and Mark Sheehan. They are an amazing and talented group of people. I have my ‘The Script’ playlist on every night while I go to sleep and every morning when I am getting ready for school. Their new album ‘Science and Faith’ was released in January, but because my best friend, Nicole, and I couldn’t wait for it, we found the album early and took it upon ourselves to download it. Shhh! No matter how many times I listen to their music, the songs just don’t get old. Their music is beautiful and their lyrics have actual meaning unlike the music of some other artists out there today. (You know who you are). Their songs have to do with real life experiences and you are able to relate to them. Our society needs more bands and artists like The Script.

Heartfelt, right? I thought so.

“The true vision is to hit people in the heart,”- The Script.


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