Nicole Chanel Vesely.

My first memory of Nicole and I is from third grade. Nicole had just moved in 3 doors down the street from me in the ugliest house on the block. It was yellow and green. Maybe the original owners were big Green Bay Packers fans.  It looks much better now since they painted it and re-did the landscaping. She was riding her bike out in the front yard with Nat. All it took was for us to laugh about one stupid thing, and we clicked. From then on, we were officially best buds.

But anyway, aside from the visual aspect of Nicole’s house, she and I have the greatest inside jokes of all time and great memories. This blog post will not be the last where I mention Nicole in some way. Our relationship is one like no other. She is my best friend and  has been since we were little kids.  We can no longer technically classify each other as best friends. We are sisters. She is my other half. She finishes my thoughts and sentences, can basically read my mind, and visa versa.

If I attempted to take the time to go into in-depth detail about Nicole and I, I would have to sit in front of my laptop all night and would get no sleep. So to avoid insomnia,  I will simply summarize it in one-word/short answer phrases.

F.C.C. Zoolander. Baked Lays Potato Chips. Birthday cards. iTunes. Lady Gaga. WINNAHS! Facebook. TWITTER!. omgidothistoo. Danny O’Donoghue. The Script. Adam Levine. Ryan Follese. HCR. Maroon 5. Snyder’s Buffalo Hot Wings Pretzel Pieces. Don’t change the dizzle! Turn it up a little! DROP IT LIKE IT’S HAWWWTTT! My bandanna. YEEHAW! Tigerblood. Kevin called! (*Click*) Brownies. Chocolate/peanut butter bars. Glitter! Teef whidnaaa! I am bi-winning. I win here, I win there.

I am so lucky to have Nicole. She is my sister and I will love her forever. ❤


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