Bosom Friend/Kindred Spirit.

Anne of Green Gables was the first chapter book that I had ever read by myself when I was 8 years old. I loved every minute of reading that book. I felt like I could connect to Anne because we had so much in common. We both are stubborn, bold, we both have overactive imaginations, and most importantly, we are both redheads. 🙂

Anne and her best friend in the book, Diana Barry, remind me so much of Nicole and I. They both are goofy, share secrets, and always seem to get into some sort of trouble together. Diana is Anne’s “bosom friend”. (That’s Anne’s theatrical way of saying best friend).  Nicole is definitely my bosom friend.

I hope that everyone gets the chance to have a bosom friend at some point in their lives. It’s fun having a person in your life that knows you better than you know yourself. 🙂


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