I miss the surf. I have to get back to Cocoa Beach! It’s been too long!


Cause baby, you were Born this Way!

Lady Gaga’s new album dropped on Monday, causing pandaemonium everywhere! If only I had known that the Born this Way album was being sold on Amazon for only 99 cents! The server for Amazon actually crashed because of all of the traffic! Anyway, I still managed to get my hands on the album and to say the least, I am in love. Lady Gaga’s new album is like a drug and I’m addicted! I love all the songs, but if I had to pick my top five faves on the CD they would have to be 1. You and I, 2. Heavy Metal Lover, 3. Government Hooker, 4. Fashion of his Love, and 5. ScheiBe.


Love bugs… they’re not so lovable.

Tis the season! Love bug season that is. Probably the worst season in the history of all mankind. I’m not sure why these bugs are called “love” bugs. They are the farthest thing from lovable. Swarming your yards, splattering all over your car. I think the only “lovable” thing about these little critters is that they don’t bite or sting.

Yuck. I have a strong dislike for these things. I can’t wait until they are gone.

Fishtail Braid.

I want to learn how to do a fishtail braid soooo bad! My hair would look so cool like that!

(I just thought this last picture was kind of awesome).


A dedication to one of my favorite things.

Bent Objects.

I needed a good laugh, and these pictures did just the trick.

I’m either the Emo Redux or the Scenester.